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Who we serve

Webber Air Cargo’s principal clientele has always been airport operators, but he has also completed assignments for cargo airlines, cargo handlers, freight forwarders, institutional investors, multilateral institutions, regulatory agencies and trade associations.

Among US airports that comprise the overwhelming majority of Webber’s past clients, he has previously completed cargo assessments of twelve of the top fifteen U.S. airports (including all five of the largest international cargo gateways – ranked by calendar year 2019 total annual tonnage.

Most of these engagements were for airport management, although Webber has also performed on-site cargo facility assessments of U.S. airports on behalf of The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and for cargo case studies Webber prepared for the Transportation Research Board.

While Webber’s roster of clients among the largest US cargo airports is impressive, Webber began his aviation career with the Jackson Municipal Airport Authority in Mississippi and retains as much enthusiasm for small and medium-sized aviation markets as he has for the largest gateways.

Other projects

Webber has also completed multiple assignments in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East, as well as for multiple airports (Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver) in Canada. Webber completed part of his undergraduate studies in Guadalajara, Mexico, speaks Spanish and continues a lifelong fascination with Latin America. He has completed cargo assignments in Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Mexico, Nicaragua and Panama.